Wednesday 11 September 2013

Don't forget the #somethingspecialparty tomorrow 4-6pm (Thursday 11/9/2013)

Party day is almost here ! We've been excitedly discovering the contents of the party box.

We have toys to play with ...

Mr Tumble prizes for the party games ...

a fab Mr Tumble cake ...

Activities and stickers for the guests ...

Forget Pin The Tail on the Donkey, there's even a Pin The Nose On Mr Tumble game !

Make sure you follow all the fun on twitter from 4-6pm by following @ukmumstv on Twitter and searching for the hashtag #SomethingSpecialParty

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  1. hello there we would love to no where we can buy mr umble items from its for our page and we help disabled children thank you xxx

    1. If you check out my review here (, there are links through to amazon. Tesco have them too though


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