Sunday 29 September 2013

Magic Nail Laboratory review

Both of the Madhouse girls are big into playing around with make-up and nail varnish when they get the chance, so when we were sent a Magic Nail Laboratory from Interplay to review, I instantly knew that it would get a warm reception.

When it arrived, I was very pleased to see that it's part of the Wild Science collection, which goes way beyond a simple girlie pamper session accessory, providing an insight into the science behind beauty products (homemade and shop bought) as well as giving tips on looking after your body. We had a huge amount of fun with the Lip Balm Laboratory that we reviewed last year and were very impresed with the quality of the lip balms that the girls made, so we had very high hopes for the Magic Nail Laboratory.

The first thing to do was unpack the ingredients and look at all the contents. It contains :

Clear polish base
Shimmer cream
Red and white colourants
Nail stickers
Gift bottles
Toe separator
Stirring stick
Buffer and sandpaper file

The instruction booklet gives lots of useful advice on looking after your nails and keeping them manicured, which Sophie was very interested in, but the main attraction was making their own nail varnish, adding pigments or shimmer to the polish base. Sophie took control of the fiddly measuring and mixing, but Juliette didn't feel left out because she was put in charge of the nail stickers. Very special nail stickers at that, because they are designed to change colour in sunlight or glow in the dark. Cue big whoops of excitement !

I was very pleased to see that the nail varnish came off easily in the bath too, peeling off without any need for harsh nail varnish remover and - all importantly - without damaging or drying out the nails underneath. 

I did take some photos of the finished nails but Sophie refused to let me post them because she was embarrassed of her chewed nails and cuticles. (She said I can add some in a few weeks when her nails have grown longer !) If this kit helps her kick the habit of biting her nails, that's an even bigger bonus. Even without that incentive, it's a really fun and educational kit that any tween or teenaged girl will love. 

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £12.99

Disclosure : We received the kit in order to write an honest review.

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  1. This looks like a nice piece of kit but I'm never sure at what age girls should start using make-up. Perhaps I should leave that decision to their mother... :)

  2. Sounds very wise ! This kit is good because it's kid-friendly - easy to take off and not harsh so it's better than more grown up products.

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