Sunday 22 September 2013

Fruit & veg box 22/9/13

Another week, another veg box ! You can tell we're at the point where the seasons are changing - we've all got a cold for one thing, we can't decide which clothes to wear in the morning for another (T-shirts and cardies or winter coats and jumpers?) and the farmers' market really reflected that this week. We've got the last of the summer fruit and the beginning of the autumn crop.

So we have : melons, apples, lettuce, broccoli, Romanesco broccoli, avocadoes (perfect for guacamole to go with our tacos later in the week), carrots ...

some lovely ripe figs, a big bag of green and purple plums, peaches, nectarines and flat peaches (as they've been called in France for donkeys' years, or doughnut peaches, as they have apparently been named in English recently).

Now that's what I call an overflowing fruit-bowl !

I also have some rhubarb from one of Madhouse Daddy's work colleagues and some round courgettes that he picked up at the supermarket. I'm thinking apple and rhubarb crumble, but I might see if I can find something more original to make with the rhubarb. I suggested apple and rhubarb cupcakes but everyone looked at me like I'd gone nuts !!

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  1. rhubarb and custard cake, if you look on the bbc good food website you will find the recipe :)


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