Wednesday 18 September 2013

Hasbro Party Rockers Furby review

Do you remember Furbies? I used to have one back in the 90's so it was a real blast from the past when we received this cute little fella to review. I was slightly taken aback by just how excited Juliette got - I didn't even know she knew about Furbies, let alone that she was secretly hankering after owning one ! 

This Furby is from the Party Rockers range. We got the lovely teal coloured one called Twitby (no doubt an allusion to a certain social media platform with exactly the same colour !) but you can also get a pink one called Loveby, Fussby the purple one with Dame Edna Everage style glasses and a blue one with devil horns called Fussby.

So what exactly are Furby Party Rockers? Well, the official description explains : 
1. They're smaller than standard Furbys, but love to party twice as hard 
2. They chat, sing and interact with their larger cousins 
3. Rock and shake them to get them dancing - the more you rock, the wilder they get! 
4. Chat to them and feed them with a downloadable app

Juliette is totally in love and descends into fits of giggles when he goes crazy, egged on by her throwing him around and pulling his tail. (Tough love !) He had us in hysterics on the ferry home this summer because he was carefully stashed in her backpack and, even in a closed bag stuffed under a jumper and cuddly toy, we could still hear him singing and shouting and going wild all by himself ! His eyes light up too so she loves playing with him in the dark. If you go into her room close to bedtime though, she says "Don't touch the Furby or you'll wake him up and he'll go mad and stop me from sleeping" ! It's just like having a slightly unpredictable, cheeky friend to be silly with - especially when he burps and farts !

Downloading a special free app (see here for more info) heightens the experience - it allows you to make special sandwiches and feed your Furby (the Madhouse Mini-testers love the Furby-shaped bread and the underpants in the ingredients !), learn more about his likes and dislikes and - all importantly - translate his sayings from Furbish into English by holding your Furby up to the ipad when he speaks. In the early days when he doesn't speak any English at all, this is a great way of increasing the interactivity and improving bonding between the Furby and its new owner !

You'll need 3 AAA batteries which aren't included so make sure you stock up.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £19.99

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. i used to love furby this one looks great thanks for sharing

  2. hahaha! I had one in the 90's
    This one looks fab! Not that expensive either!


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