Thursday 12 September 2013

Madhouse Diaries : The Circus Came To Town !

Last weekend, making the most of the last of the summer sunshine, the kids grabbed their scooters and we headed off for another adventure. Where would we end up this time ?!

I'd seen that the circus had come to town and set up in a big supermarket car park close to where we live. They put all their animals along the grass verges to graze so we went to have a look.

Our first discovery was a very horny cow !

Juliette found a friendly llama to feed.

Then a cute little pony.

Meanwhile, Pierre had fun feeding blades of grass and straw to the goats.

The goats were as hungry as they were pongy, but luckily there were big bales of hay lying around just begging to be fed to them !

Juliette asked the very sensible question why do we say Nanny goat but not Grandad goat ?!

But the stars of the show had to be these two very friendly camels.

I'm sure they were posing for the camera !

They did their party trick - pretending to be a two-headed camel !

Then they decided that they wanted some straw too, much to the Mini-testers' delight.

They could do with learning a few table manners though !

Although we got up close to camels in Morocco, I think this is the first time we've fed them by hand so the kids were very impressed !

They were very gentle and I was amazed at just how tame they were.

Eventually we dragged ourselves away from the camels and went to see the other animals - first a very hairy cow.

Then a bigger horse, which Pierre decided must be the pony's mummy !

And to finish up, an alpaca who we decided needed a trip to the dentist's urgently !

I always think it's sad to see animals in circuses but at least these ones looked quite happy and well-treated. And the kids certainly had great fun feeding them bits of grass and straw !

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  1. What a lovely scooter trip, and how great to see the circus animals relaxed and happy.

  2. i have never seen a circus! how fab you had one down the road x

  3. What fun for the children to be able to go along and pet and feed the circus animals! Did you go to any of the shows? As you say the animals look well fed and cared for. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. No, we didn't go to the show, it's quite expensive, and to be honest, you wouldn't get such a good view of the animals anyway !


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