Sunday 29 September 2013

This week's veg box 29/9/13

I only went to pick up some potatoes at the market today, as I already had quite a lot in the fridge and fruit bowl, but I ended up coming back with this lovely selection ! Red and white potatoes, parsnips (which is quite exciting as you can't usually get them in France), lettuce, spring onions, leeks.

The spring onions were quite exciting in themselves because I got the usual white/green ones but also these bright red/purple ones. The stallholder gave me a big handful of these herbs too - I think they're flat-leaved parsley and curly parsley, unless anyone wants to tell me anything different !

Now, I use dried parsley all the time, but haven't really experimented with the fresh stuff. It looks far too lovely to waste though so who has an idea of something special to do with it ?

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