Saturday 28 September 2013

This week's must-try recipes 28/9/13

I don't only write blogposts, I also love reading everybody else's, and I seem to be following more and more foodie bloggers or general bloggers who bake things that look delicious. I keep favouriting tweets and saving emails or not deleting bloglovin round-ups with things that I want to make, then losing them in my ever expanding inbox, so I've decided to do a (possibly regular) round-up of things I've spotted that have made me go hmmm and that I definitely want to try. It will be a great place to look when I've some spare time and want something new to try.

The first thing that I took note of this week was this Moroccan Rose, Fennel & Chocolate Cake from Belleau Kitchen because it uses the orange blossom honey that we brought back from Agadir (although there's not much of it left !)

Next - and definitely not good news for my diet again ! - these yummy-looking Chewy Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cookies from White Lily Green, which have the added advantage of using only ingredients that I already have in the cupboard.

Splodz has definitely killed all my plans for eating healthily with her unbelievably simple Nutella Brownies - excuse me while I lick the screen !

One that had me intrigued over the summer and that I have yet to try - bread cooked in the slow cooker, as demonstrated by Jo over at Given To Distracting others (and if she can manage it with a broken finger, it must be easy !)

Perfect autumn comfort food that the whole family would undoubtedly love - this Bacon & Potato Layer Bake from Fab Food 4 All will be coming soon to one of my menu plans for sure !

Hmmm I'm feeling hungry now !

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