Sunday 15 September 2013

Razor Berry Scooter review

There was a great deal of excitement at The Madhouse over the summer when this Razor Berry Scooter arrived for us to review. You may remember reading our review of the Razor Balance Bike and be surprised to learn that they also make scooters. Well, that's just the start - if you can ride it, they probably make it, covering everything from scooters and BMXs to quads and buggies and even pogo sticks !

The Razor Berry is designed for children aged 6+ so 8-year-old Juliette claimed this as "her" scooter - they all get shared but when two kids want the same scooter, the one most adapted to their age range becomes theirs by default (we have argument-deflection strategies in place for most things at The Madhouse !).

That didn't stop 4-year-old Pierre and12-year-old Sophie having a go too though and, as you can see, even Madhouse Daddy rode it round and round the car park ! It's great to find a scooter that it suitable for such a wide range of ages and weights. (I should point out that the maximum weight is supposed to be 65kg so he shouldn't really have been test-riding it !)

The scooter arrives flat-placked but assembling it is an absolute breeze. It was so simple that it was all done before I'd even had time to go and grab the camera ! It's lightweight but robust - the kids have been playing with it all over the summer, riding it then standing it up against a park bench when they've finished where it inevitably falls over on to the concrete path, and it's still in perfect shape.

We all love the vibrant colours (ours is teal/orange but it's also available in pink/purple or green/yellow) and it's extremely rideable (I may have just made that word up!) for kids with comfortable foam grips and a wide deck with a textured surface for extra grip. It also has a brake on the back wheel, which is great news for saving scuffed shoes !

It's the perfect family scooter that several children of different ages can share - once you've sorted out the squabbles as to who gets to ride first !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £49.99

Disclosure : We received the scooter in order to write an honest review.

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  1. What a lovely colour, all my kids would love one of these.

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