Monday 9 September 2013

#SaveSummer Activity 7 : Play-doh dinosaurs

Well, the summer is sadly behind us now and we've all gone back to work and school but there was one activity from the ASDA #SaveSummer pack that we hadn't had time to complete during the holidays : making Play-doh dinosaurs. We'd had so much fun with the other activities that the Madhouse Mini-testers wanted to do this one at the weekend. We unpacked all the goodies - salt, flour, oil, food colouring and some dinosaur books for inspiration.

The Madhouse Mini-testers carefully measured out the ingredients for preparing the dough. The instructions said : "Mix a cup of flour and a third of a cup of salt, then slowly pour in half a cup of warm water and a few teaspoons of vegetable oil." They were amazed at how easy it was to make a modelling dough from kitchen cupboard ingredients.

While they finished preparing the dough and kneading in the colours, I went looking for some odds and ends to use in their creations : cocktail sticks, bottle tops, bag ties, silver cupcake cases, foil stars ...

They started off following the ideas on the instruction sheets ...

Then decided to go freestyle and let their imaginations run wild !

The one on the left looks like an Angry Bird to me !

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Disclosure : We received a hamper of products in order to try out some of the activities from the #SaveSummer Campaign.

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