Monday 30 September 2013

Jane Asher Creations Choco Bean Cookie Mix review

Over the weekend, I got fed up of my over-stuffed baking cupboard throwing things out at me every time I opened the doors, so I went on a mission to clear out as many of the boxes and packets as possible. We had a good old session in the kitchen making jelly, Oreo custard pots, bread, whoopie pies and - when the girls went off to pottery club - Choco Bean Cookies with Pierre.

The kid-friendly pack contains a bag of cookie mix, a sachet of icing mix and a bag of choco beans (that's Smarties to you and me).

Pierre wanted to make them all by himself and, apart from using the hot oven, I was amazed that see that he did ! He mixed the butter into the cookie mix. (I melted it in the microwave to make it easier.)

Then flattened the balls of dough on the baking trays. The pack suggests making 6 big cookies but we made 12 smaller ones instead.

I was slightly annoyed at the size of the bag containing the chocolate beans as it could have been a third of the size. I thought Pierre would be disappointed at the amount of sweets that came out of such a big bag but he didn't say anything.

After mixing up the icing, he spread it over the cookies, commenting that it was just like making muddy puddles on the Peppa Pig cakes

Time to practise counting, putting four sweets on each cookie so that there were enough to go round.

Ta-da, the finished cookies.

Just look at his proud little face !

The kit retails for about £1.59 - not bad for an afternoon of fun but it would be cheaper to make your own. They're not the most indulgent cookies I've ever made but for a kid-friendly option with no complicated measuring and weighing, they're not bad at all.

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  1. Ohh we've had them before....Great for kids to just get on with it with not much help...

    1. Agreed - I love baking from scratch but the kits do remove a lot of headaches when the kids are involved !

  2. Ahhh lovely review and photos! My kids would love this - thing is - warmed uncooked cookie dough tends to get eaten quick!

    1. LOL I know what you mean - licking the bowl is still as popular as when I was little !

  3. these look fun, great price aswell

  4. These sound lovely,great fun and easy to make,i'll definately try them

  5. We've made these before and they do take the hassle out of it for someone (me!) who isn't an expert in the kitchen!


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