Sunday 8 September 2013

We're Moshi Monsters Blogger Ambassadors !

The Madhouse Mini Testers are big fans of Moshi Monsters so we were very pleased to be selected as Official Moshi Monsters Blogger Ambassadors. We've had lots of Moshi fun in the past :

 making chocolate Moshi Monsters with Magic Choc

bringing the Moshi Monsters to life and Moshifying ourselves with the Augmented Reality book !

reviewing the Moshlings app

Well, the fun is set to continue. The official trailer for the new Moshi Monsters game called Katsuma Unleashed has just been released and I can share it with you here :

The game, for Nintendo DS and 3DS, will be released at the start of October but I'll be back next week with news of a fab giveaway, just for you !

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