Wednesday 11 September 2013

Help Kelloggs give a child a breakfast (and it won't cost you a penny !)

An email landed in my inbox yesterday that grabbed my attention. Kelloggs have launched a new "Give A Child A Breakfast" campaign and you can help them out without spending a penny.

They started off by pointing out that 1 in 7 children in the UK goes to school without breakfast every day. As a teacher, I can totally believe this. Rising food costs and everyday pressures mean that for many families; skipping breakfast isn't a lifestyle choice, it's a necessity. One way to help ease the problem is to support school breakfast clubs

That's where Kelloggs come in. They have pledged to donate 2 MILLION breakfasts to children in need.
To help, simply share their page on facebook, tweet about it, watch the video on Youtube or buy a special pack of Kellogg's. Each of those actions will add one breakfast to the donations tally. What are you waiting for ? Go and do your bit to help out !

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