Tuesday 24 September 2013

Kids' app review : Henri le worm - The Missing Cookbook

Henri Le Worm: The Missing Cookbook is a new kids' app that has been created by Raymond Blanc’s son Olivier Blanc and actress Charlotte Salt. World-renowned French chef Raymond Blanc provides all of the app's recipes, whilst Simon Pegg provides the voiceovers for the two main characters - 'Henri Le Worm' and his trusty sidekick 'Derek the Ladybird'. We received a code to try it out and all three of the Madhouse Mini-testers have been playing with it ever since.

The app is a brilliant mix of fun games and educational content. While following the entertaining adventures of Henri, kids will learn about gardening, bugs, where their food comes from, nature, cooking and ingredients. It's a very interactive game where players can click all over the place to hear sounds and make the characters talk. There are also a multitude of mini games built into the adventure, such as making vegetables grow, serving food and drinks at a tea party, clearing the flour off the screen during a messy cooking session and painting a rainbow. They are all simple games that even the youngest players can manage without help and really bring children into the adventure.

The voices are very funny and the Madhouse Mini-testers particularly love Henri's outrageous accent, due to their Anglo-French dual nationality ! I recently introduced the girls to some extracts of Monty Python and the Holy Grail and they think Henri sounds just like the French knights from that ! We did think it was a shame that Henri didn't teach players a few French expressions along the way though.

Now, you may be wondering where Raymond Blanc comes in. The answer is, in the recipe section where there are ten kid-friendly dishes to try out. The app creators explain : "All the recipes included are designed so that the child can help and then hopefully the whole family can enjoy the dish together. With this in mind we have lowered all salt, fat & sugar levels where appropriate."

The Mini-testers helped make Grilled Peaches (they did everything that didn't involve sharp knives or hot ovens) and we were all very impressed with the result. They loved creating a dessert that the whole family tucked into after Sunday lunch.

The app's mission is explained as trying to get children reconnected with nature & food, not by preaching but by primarily making them laugh. Definitely mission accomplie ! There will be further Henri Le Worm adventures in the future which is great news. We can't wait !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.99

Disclosure : We received a code for the app in order to write an honest review.

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