Monday 16 September 2013

The Madhouse Mini-testers discover Corn on the Cob !

You can tell autumn's here because the corn on the cob man has come back to the market. He's only there for a few short weeks so we always buy loads. He gives out small sections of raw corn for the kids to taste and it's great to see them all tucking into vegetables as if they're sweets !

The Madhouse Mini-testers love eating corn on the cob - especially if they get to melt salty butter on it and eat it with their fingers ! - but they also love stripping off the leaves. Pierre said that it's a bit like opening presents !

Sometimes you need to have the strength of a superhero to pull the leaves right off though !

"Look Mum, he's all hairy, he needs a haircut!"

The fruits of our labours - or should that be the vegetables of our labours ?!

Look at how juicy they are - you can't get fresher than that !

I had great plans of making sweetcorn fritters but they've all been munched already !

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  1. We are going through a corn on the cob fad at the mo but I have been buying the M&S microwaveable ones as they are on special offer 2 packs for £3 and each pack contains two cobs! I just pop them in the microwave for 4-5 mins (remembering to cut a slit in the pack) and hey presto - add a knob of butter and enjoy! I am going to try the fresh cobs like you though as they seem to be in season now and in all the veg shops and supermarkets!

    1. They're lovely - the farmer always offers two sorts, "sweet" or "crunchy" - they're both lovely though

  2. Aah we love corn on the cob too I never knew you could microwave corn though.

    1. You can microwave fresh sweetcorn still in the leaves (never tried it but it's what the sweetcorn farmer said) and freeze the unwrapped cobs too.

  3. Replies
    1. He wasn't there this week so I'm glad we stocked up when we did !

  4. looks so yummy, we cook ours with a sweet chilli glaze so nice!


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