Friday 27 September 2013

James Martin Cheese & Chive Soda Bread Mix review

On a recent shopping trip to Tesco's, I saw some James Martin Cheese & Chive Soda Bread Mix on offer and decided to give it a go.

It's very simple to make. You just mix in some milk then knead it for a few minutes until you have a sticky dough.

Leave it to rise for quarter of an hour then shape it, flatten it and score it with a cross.

After baking, it had a lovely crisp, golden outer crust.

Inside, it's quite dense and chewy. The kids absolutely loved it and the whole thing disappeared in two days. They loved it warm from the oven but also cold the next day, spread with salted butter. I was slightly disappointed by the flavour - to me it tasted more of an artificial cheese and onion crisps flavour than a natural cheese and fresh chive flavour that I was hoping for - but I did seem to be in the minority !

The RRP seems to be about £1 for 350g but I think I picked it up for about 80p on promotion.

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