Thursday 19 September 2013

Kitchen Science with Jelly !

Last week, for our Something Special party, we were on a mission to come up with spotty party food. One of the recipe suggestions was to make spotty jelly by putting Jelly Tots into a yellow jelly. The Madhouse Mini-testers decided that would be a waste of jelly tots and that the colours wouldn't be bright enough so they had a better idea - with bananas and food colouring !

First they sliced up a couple of bananas.

Then squirted food colouring on to each plate, making sure all sides were covered.

Hmm this is supposed to be red, blue and green but the green is so dark it looks black. Not very appetising !

After leaving the slices to absorb the colour for about ten minutes, we transferred them to a bowl and poured the prepared jelly on top.

I did warn them that it would probably wash the colouring off and, sure enough, the jelly turned a toxic-looking blackish-green colour. Hmm nice ! Sophie and Pierre had great fun watching the banana slices slowly rising to the surface one by one !

It did actually look quite good when it was set and the kids all loved it ! They also discovered that if you ate it with your eyes closed, it tasted of orange (the flavour of the jelly) but if you tasted it while seeing what was on the spoon, your brain wouldn't associate the green colour with orange and it tasted different.

Well, it may not have been a resounding success but it was good fun and ended up being quite educational too ! It did all get eaten too !

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