Monday 14 February 2011

Love is ... a heart-shaped Cornish pasty !

I think it probably says a lot about me that I'd much rather receive this heart-shaped offering from Ginsters than the classic bunch of flowers for Valentine's day !

The press release says :

"Cunning women around the UK take note; Ginsters has produced an unrivalled tool for getting your man to do exactly what you want. Designed to bring men to their knees, the limited edition heart shaped pasty will be unleashed by Ginsters on Valentines’ Day 2011.

Give and take is at the heart of any relationship, but Ginsters has found an ingenious loop hole that lets women take the upper hand. Aiding women across the nation, Ginsters’ dedicated chefs have lovingly created the heart shaped pasty with only the finest fresh ingredients. Bringing together man’s favourite flavours, the pasty combines fresh British beef, potato, onion and swede wrapped in a heavenly light puff pastry. Safe in the knowledge that Ginsters’ pasties do not contain any artificial flavours or additives, women can simply fool their men into thinking that they are getting their way. In addition, a true feeling of smugness can be enjoyed as Ginsters’ ingredients are sourced locally.

Launched as a teaser to Ginsters new advertising campaign, fans can see the story unfold from the 19th February 2011, on national TV.

The Ginsters limited edition heart shaped pasty will be on sale at selected retail outlets on the 14th February 2011 for £2.99. "

Well, I say sod that - I'd rather eat it myself !! ;-)

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  1. So pretty - if only there was a veggie alternative :(

  2. Great idea for special occasions

  3. I'd eat it! I think it's a novel idea. @maisietoo

  4. I agree that it was a great ideas specially for this coming holiday.


  5. Never seen anything like this before and love it! No pun intended lol!!


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