Wednesday 9 February 2011

Burnt Sugar Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Egg

As you'll know if you read my earlier review (here), I love Burnt Sugar, as much for their wacky sense of humour as for their utterly delicious sweeties, so I was overjoyed when I was given the chance to review their Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Egg. There may have been criticism when Easter Eggs hit the supermarket shelves as early as the New Year, but I didn't think twice about cracking open this egg way before Easter - all in the name of serious reviewing, of course !

My first thought was that it's like a grown up version of the Crunchie egg really ! I don't really know why but it just seems extra (you don't know how tempted I was to write eggstra then !!) luxurious and indulgent somehow. The chocolate is richer and creamier and - yummm ! - the egg itself contains tiny little pieces of crunchy honeycomb that pop in your mouth and melt on your tongue as you let the smooth chocolate melt on your tongue.

As well as the egg (which weighs 115g), you get a 100g box of deliciously naughty honeycomb chunks dipped in milk chocolate. The good news for your waistline is that you won't actually want to sit down and eat the whole lot in one go because they would get rather sickly ... but make sure you hide the box carefully because otherwise, they will all be gone in no time at all. Everyone in our house, kids and adults alike, love them and can't walk past the box without eating one !

For all you foodies out there who like to know you're eating something made with quality ingredients, Burnt Sugar explain that the honeycomb is made using golden unrefined Fairtrade sugar. Although, in their inimitable Burnt Sugar style, they do also reveal that "no actual honey is used in our honeycomb and we're not actually sure how honeycomb (the sweet) got its name ... (answers on a postcard please), but we like bees and we think our Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Easter Egg really is the bees knees ! We hope you do too !"

Well, I certainly do ... and so does everyone else at the Madhouse. The bad news is, you'll have to wait for a couple of weeks to find it in the shops !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £8.99

Available in Waitrose, fine food stores, Borough Market and London Bridge from 21st Feb 2011

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  1. Oh yum, may have to whisper in the Easter Bunny's ear!

  2. Definitely one to keep out of the way of the kids !! ;-)

  3. wow this looks so good, would love to try this! x

  4. I might get some of these for Easter. They look good. Thanks for reviewing them! @maisietoo

  5. Looks tasty :) I would eat it now :)

  6. This looks so delicious would have to make a diet exception for this one lol x

  7. Sounds delicious must try one or two at easter

  8. I love Easter but there are far too many lovely eggs to choose from - I love personalised eggs when you can have a name or message piped on them. My kids must get at least 12 eggs each - from family members and close friends and because I have four children - that equals to a large number!!! I help them to eat them of course - why does Easter fall when you are tring to diet for the Summer????? Grrrr!!!

  9. Oooh that is a LOT of chocolate !! If there's too much (is there such a thing as too much chocolate ?!), you could always melt it down and do a chocolate fondue with fresh fruit (chunks of banana, strawberry, grapes etc). Delicious and relatively diet friendly. The kids love dipping it in sprinkles/hundreds and thousands too !


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