Sunday 27 February 2011

Tips for Panic-Free Pancakes from Mrs Crimble’s

Mrs Crimble’s, the much loved British bakery brand - I reviewed their delicious mini choc-orange macaroons a little while ago (here) - has perfected what they call a foolproof Pancake Mix (that remains to be seen, I'll be reviewing it shortly and will report back !) that makes it "flipping easy" to make pancakes ! To take the panic out of Pancake Day, they have even come up with some great recipe ideas as well as tips on how to perform the perfect flip! Read on and get prepared - Shrove Tuesday is 8th March which is just over a week away.


If you fancy some delicious pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, but you’re worried about your batter being a soggy disaster, don’t panic! Mrs Crimble’s Pancake Mix guarantees quick, easy and rewarding results. The only challenge will be deciding whether you prefer your pancakes with lemon juice and sugar, chocolate spread and whipped cream, sliced bananas and maple syrup or doused in a flaming orange liqueur!

You’ll find some other great recipe ideas, including a delicious chocolate sauce, on Better still, they all happen to be gluten free so everyone can enjoy a delicious Shrove Tuesday!

Panic free pancakes:
Unless you’re up for having a laugh or an experienced flipper you should probably use a spatula (or flipper) to toss your pancakes but apart from that, using Mrs Crimble’s Pancake Mix guarantees great results.

Use a largish, clean, non-stick frying pan. A shallow-edged pan makes it easy to get your spatula (or flipper) under your pancake. Always make sure your pan is spotless before cooking the next pancake.

Wait until your pancake starts to bubble evenly throughout and starts turning up at the edges before you flip it. Flip the perfect pancake by getting your flipper under as much of the pancake as possible and then as you lift it, turn your wrist so that the pancake lands in the same spot as it was – in the middle of the pan.

Three things you didn’t know about Pancake Day:

The oldest pancake race in Britain , in the village of Olney in Buckinghamshire, dates back to 1444. The event originated after a local housewife was still busy making pancakes when she heard the church bells calling her to the Shriving Service on the evening before Lent. Eager to get to church, she ran out of her house still holding the frying pan complete with her pancake, still wearing her apron and headscarf – both of which are mandatory for anyone taking part in the race today!

Folklore claims that if you make a wish at the moment you flip a pancake it will come true – but only if you are also holding a coin in your hand.

Pancakes have a long history in almost every part of the world. For example, they were an important part of pagan traditions and feasts in Russia that stretch back more than 1,000 years.

To see Mrs Crimble's Pancake Mix in action, watch the video below !

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  1. Thsi sounds great - I'm amazed that the mix can help with the flipping. I always find they stick to the pan, and I flip harder and harder until teh pancake finally unsticks, landing who knows where - they have been known to stick to the ceiling.

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  3. Haha fab!! Just in time for Shrove Tuesday next week!!

  4. Louise - I've never managed to stick one on the ceiling but the kids are always in hysterics when the flipping goes wrong !

    Good luck to everyone on Tuesday ! :)

  5. Inteseting tips, but i dont get these mixes? a pancake is only made of flour egg and milk - so if you add milk and eggs yourself your buying a box of flour right?

  6. Well, basically, yes !! It is a lot easier with kids though - no measuring needed !

  7. Should take some of the mess out of pan cake day. The only problem now is tossing them!

  8. Great advice, although I found that going to friends house took all the hassle out of pancake making.

  9. aure a mix cant help with pancake making? bit of flour egg and water and off you go, nice review though :)

  10. good idea-however i prefer to do it myself-its all the fun x


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