Thursday 10 February 2011

Book trailer : Between Shades of Gray - Ruta Sepetys

Published in Penguin Paperback on 7th April 2011, priced £6.99
*** US rights currently sold in 22 countries ***

A heart-wrenching read from an incredibly talented new author offering an original and personally-charged look at the story of Stalin’s genocide of the Baltic people during the Second World War – a part of world history that is too often overlooked.

Between Shades of Gray is a riveting novel that steals your breath, captures your heart, and reveals the miraculous nature of the human spirit.

In 1941, the nations of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia disappeared from maps and did not reappear until 1990, during which time Stalin enforced ethnic cleansing and deportations of entire populations.

A few years ago, during a trip to Lithuania to meet with relatives, Ruta Sepetys discovered that some of her extended family members had been deported to Siberia.

Set in 1941, Between Shades of Gray is an extraordinary and haunting story based on Ruta’s first-hand family accounts and memories from survivors. This personal connection allows for an intimate portrait of the characters and further exploration into the deeper themes of the triumph of hope and survival over suffering and oppression.

The central character, Lina, uses the method of art and journal writing to record and come to terms with history, bringing to the novel some of the distinctive qualities of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Have you ever wondered what a human life is worth? 
Please visit and watch the incredibly moving footage of Ruta Sepetys talking about her research behind the novel.
And look out for a review coming up right here shortly.
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  1. I have heard nothing but awesomness for this book! It sounds like a total winner cannot wait till I can get a copy. Heard it's a real tear jerker though!


  2. This is why I love blogs. You find out about so many things you maybe would never normally.

    I am going to buy this now. My daughter is studying Russia at the moment, and may be forced to take History as a Higher, not through choice. Things like this might give the whole subject more interest..

  3. This book is awesome, i totally agree with the person writing this. But, it's a bit depressing and you definitely shouldn't read it as a light read!

  4. I am in 7th grade. I just read this book and thought OMG I cant believe this actually happened. This book helped me learn so many things I never thought of. I recommend this book to anyone & everyone!!


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