Sunday 27 February 2011

Sharpham Park Organic Pearled Spelt

Having tried out some of the other spelt-based products from Sharpham Park, I came to this final product in our review pack, Pearled Spelt, feeling much more confident that everyone would like it. And I was totally right - everyone asked for seconds, even 19-month-old Pierre !

The packaging says you can basically just use it as you would rice so I used it to accompany fish and vegetables. (It can also be incorporated into a wide range of recipes though, so check out the Sharpham Park website for inspiration !) It recommends rinsing the pearled spelt then cooking it for about 20 minutes in boiling water. I don't usually bother rinsing rice (except when it's exceptionally starchy) but I did the feel the need to rinse this as it releases a lot of, for want of a better word, dust when you pour it out of the pack.

When cooked, it still reminds me a bit of Ebly but slightly firmer and with a slightly nuttier taste. Madhouse Daddy Mike doesn't really like plain Ebly, only the flavoured ones, but he said he thought the Pearled Spelt was nice without added flavourings.

As well as being tasty, simple to prepare and extremely versatile, spelt is also a healthy grain to incorporate into your diet. It's got a very high protein content, so is especially good for vegetarians and vegans, and a low glycaemic index of 30. It also contains complex B vitamins, iron,  riboflavin (which is apparently good for migraine-sufferers), Niacin (which can help lower cholesterol), and zinc.

All of that has nothing to do with why the kids asked for more though - that was just because "it tastes nice" !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.95 for 500g

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  1. This sounds really good. Doesn't look overly appetising but from your review, I think this is something I would buy. THanks x

  2. I am a big fan of spelt and once bought a fabulous spelt risoto mix which was delicious.

  3. I've never tried this but sounds quite good x

  4. I like to mix spelt into a chunky soup to thicken it. Works really well.

  5. Ooh I like that idea, I'll definitely try that out next time hubby makes soup :)


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