Monday 21 February 2011

new Nakd bars

One of the best things about running a reviews blog is having the chance to try out a whole host of products that would otherwise have escaped your notice. I was given the opportunity of trying out some Nakd bars last year (a review you can read here) and was amazed at how tasty they are. Their slogan - "Nakd bars: Wildly different and genuinely healthy!" - flags up the fact that they're full of ingredients that are good for you but also suggests to me that they'd be too healthy but to genuinely tasty. But my last lot of reviewing proved to me that I was wrong.

Well, they're back with three new flavours. As they say in their press release : "Brace yourself! We’ve just made three of the greatest new healthy snack bars of all time: Nākd Cocoa Delight, Nākd Cocoa Mint and Nākd Berry Delight. We believe they are going to take the healthy snacking market by storm. When you examine, compare and taste them, we think you’ll love them as much as we do."

Well, that sounds like a challenge to me ! Off with the wrappers and time to get tasting ! I have to admit, I had a slightly niggling doubt before popping the first piece into my mouth. These are raw fruit and nut bars, so they taste of dried fruits and nuts - a taste that I wasn't sure would really complement cocoa and mint flavours.

I bit the bullet and started off with the Cocoa Mint bar and it is actually very tasty. The mint taste is the strongest so overpowers the fruity/nutty taste a bit, but you still get the texture and of course the goodness, which is what matters most. The Cocoa Delight and Berry Delight are, as the name suggests, delightful !

The ingredients list is as impressive as always - Raw dates, raw cashews, raw raisins, a hint of natural flavour and cocoa or raspberries depending on the variety. As Nakd explain : So what’s the big difference from other bars? As you know, nearly all so-called ‘healthy’ snack bars on the market rely on intense heat-processing, refined sugary syrups and mysterious additives. Take a look for yourself; your typical cereal bar, for example, has between 15 to 30 ingredients, many of which are completely unrecognisable and several of which are often just various types of sugar. Despite what decades of slick marketing and packaging seeks to imply, heavily processed, syrup-laden and additive filled is not a credible recipe for ‘healthy’. Our new Nākd bars, on the other hand, are made with a wholefood approach. Instead of heavy processing, sugary syrups and mysterious additives, Nākd bars rely on raw fruit, nuts and natural flavours rolled together. That’s it. Simply wholefoods rolled together and nothing else. Literally, any more natural and you’d have to peel them. Consequently, they are genuine nutritional powerhouses bursting with natural raw nutrients, are wheat, dairy and gluten free, vegan and are one of your five a day. They are as different health-wise from most snack bars as freshly squeezed orange juice is from fizzy orange."

The three new bars join four others in the range : Ginger Bread, Cashew Cookie, Pecan Pie and Cocoa Orange. I'm amazed that something can taste so delicious without artificial additives or added sugar !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : 72p.

A selection of the three new flavours is available exclusively in Waitrose and all good independent health food shops. Nākd bars are widely available in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Boots, Holland & Barrett and independent health food shops.

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  1. i am afraid health bars do not do it for me, although this is a great review for those wanting to try!

  2. As above, not a fan of 'health' bars. Keep trying new ones that I come accross, so will try these now you have brought my attention to them, thanks.

  3. I love nakd bars. They are very tasty I must find the new flavors and try them out!

  4. These are totally different to the others - there are no oats or cereal, just fruit and nuts, so you don't get the sawdust sensation in your mouth that you sometimes do ! You might like them !!

  5. My son enjoys these a lot - a great snack for anyone who cannot have gluten or wheat.

  6. The cocoa orange one is lovely!
    I have become addicted to them!

  7. banana bread and cocoa orange are lovely!

  8. so what exactly is the *natural flavour*? This is often used to hide MSG?

    1. It says on the FAQ on their website :

      What are the ‘natural flavourings’?

      The natural flavourings are simply all-natural flavours such as spices and extracts from ingredients like strawberries, raspberries, bananas, apples, nuts, cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg, peanut, etc.


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