Saturday 12 February 2011

Plum Baby Multigrain Rings

I've tried a lot of Plum Baby products (and I've reviewed several of them too) and I'm consistently impressed. As is Pierre, the principal tester ! They've just sent me a selection of their toddler snacks to try out and he's been happily munching away on all of them.

First up was these Multigrain Rings. I instantly knew we were on to a winner with these ones because they have the texture of Wotsits-type crisps and Pierre always loves those when naughty Mummy lets him have a taste. Which isn't often because I'm always worried about the high salt content.

Well, that's what impressed me with these. They really give you the impression that you're eating crisps but without the salt. 6-year-old Juliette happily helped Pierre finish off the bag and declared them delicious. I had a taste and, for an adult palate, they're too bland because they don't contain salt but that's a good thing as they're destined for toddlers.

As you can see from the photo, Pierre loves them !

Looking on the Plum website, they're actually packed with healthy grains, and no salt at all. They explain : "These perfect little packets of heritage grain rings are crammed full of wholesome corn and rice, protein rich quinoa and THE new heritage grain, teff - rich in fibre, iron, protein and calcium. Gouda and Cheddar subtly mixes Dutch and English cheese in the perfect cheese-on-chees combination. Gluten free, with no added salt."

I don't want Pierre to get into the habit of eating crisps but, on the rare occasions that we all sit down and have an apéritif - that classic French tradition of pre-dinner drinks with nibbles - I love the fact that Pierre can join in with a healthy option. They come in two flavours - Tomato or Gouda & Cheddar - and Pierre loves both of them (as does Juliette !).

star rating : 5/5

RRP : 59p for 20g

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  1. very cute photo, will have to have a look for some of these for my little girl they sound great : )


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