Monday 28 February 2011

Tommee Tippee Explora Active Sporty Drinking Cup

Every single time a new sippy cup arrives in the house, Juliette (now aged 6) gets all excited and begs to try it out ! She did the same thing this time, when we received the Explora Active Sporty Drinking Cup from Tommee Tippee - but 19-month-old Pierre is now old enough to fight his corner and realised it was supposed to be for him, so he got first try !

Pierre is used to drinking out of a teat or spout but wasn't quite so used to the sports sipper so the first couple of times, he took way too much into his mouth and spluttered it all down his front ! He soon got to grips with it though. (And if it does pose a problem for your little one, the sports sipper is interchangable with the Active Straw and Active Sipper lids.)

The recommended age is 18 months plus so the cup is much bigger than the usual sippy cups and trainer cups that he's been using, but the extra weight didn't seem to bother him and he found it easy to grip hold of. The generous volume is great for days out or long trips to the park in the warmer weather. The cup is spill proof but also leakproof which is great news if you keep it in your changing bag (even if I always put it in a plastic bag, just to be on the safe side - better safe than sorry !).

By this time, Juliette was jumping up and down with impatience so I handed it over to her. We had a good laugh because the spout fits just nicely in the gap left by her two front teeth which were whisked away by the tooth fairy just last week !

She thought it was comfortable to use, easy to drink from and loved the dolphin picture on the front. She managed to knock it over and it actually didn't spill at all, which I was impressed with.

It's a great cup for the transition between teats/spouts and more grown-up straws, while keeping spillages to a minimum. It's also perfect for stashing in the pushchair for drinks on the go, although it doesn't have a retractable straw or spout cover like some models so is slightly less hygienic.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £3.99

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  1. I have been looking for a new cup for my little one for days out as she has just turned 18months and drinks a lot these seem like they will be perfect! Thanks : )

  2. Until Grace, I did not know how hard it was to find a good cup. This looks one of the better ones out there. Thanks for the review.

  3. sounds like the perfect cup :)


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