Friday 18 February 2011


I read this with interest when it arrived in my inbox this morning as it's something taken very seriously here in France. Certains areas - including Brittany, where Madhouse Daddy Mike comes from - are classed as high-risk zones for congenital hip problems, so all three of our children have been sent for an ultrasound of their hips when they were a few months old, to check there was no problem (which, luckily, there wasn't). Read on for more information about the national charity STEPS and their Baby Hip Health Week 13th – 19th March 2011.


The national charity STEPS is hoping their Baby Hip Health Week 13th – 19th March 2011 will help raise awareness amongst parents and health professionals of the vital need to check babies’ hips during the first few weeks of life to prevent unnecessary pain and disability in later years.

In the UK alone, up to 2000 children a year are diagnosed with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH), which describes a range of conditions from mild instability to total dislocation of the hip. Early detection means DDH can often be corrected by a simple outpatient treatment, but a later or missed diagnosis can leave a child requiring hospital stays, operations and potentially a permanent disability.

Even if the hips appear to be normal it is important to be aware of signs that might mean there is a problem. The signs parents should look out for include:

- one leg appearing shorter than the other.
- an extra deep crease on the inside of the thigh.
- crawling with one leg dragging or walking with a limp or a waddle.

Whilst these signs are not conclusive, they may indicate the need for further investigation.

Please seek medical advice if you are concerned.

To help change this and put STEPS and DDH on the public agenda, the charity is asking people to hold a ‘Put the Kettle On’ event during Baby Hip Health Week. Julie Charlton, STEPS Marketing & Community Fundraiser, commented, “Whether you host a ‘Put the Kettle On’ event for two or two hundred people, we are very grateful for your donations. Without this support, our work, including campaigning, a helpline, information centre and website could not happen and many parents would be alone during a very difficult time. Ultimately we want all babies to be checked as early as possible and not have to endure unnecessary pain and suffering.”

for more information :
Helpline: 01925 750271

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  1. STEPS sounds so useful and worthwhile cause.


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