Sunday 27 February 2011

Vosene Nitwatch ! Reactions from the school gate

"What's this?", I hear you cry ! Well, it may look like a Christmas tree but it was actually a gift of a totally different kind that the lovely people at Vosene sent me back at Christmas time - a whole collection of little sample bottles of their headlice-repellent shampoo for me to hand out to all the mums at the school gate.

You might remember that I gave some of these samples away in a competition on my blog and also reviewed it (here). I don't know if it's down to the shampoo or sheer good luck but (fingers crossed I don't jinx it !) we've so far managed to bring home any unwanted critters from school, despite both the girls having long hair. Yay !

Each of the cute little bottles had a handwritten tag attached (I wonder who had the job of writing all those out !) inviting the recipients to share their thoughts. I told the mums they could jot down their reactions on the tags and give them back to me if they didn't want to log on themselves and I was surprised to see quite a few of them come back !

So here are some of the mums' reactions :

"Love this stuff, it smells gorgeous !"

"Really nice citrussy smell - you'd never know it's headlice stuff"

"Left my daughter's hair really soft"

"I'll definitely look out for more"

"Thanks, really nice shampoo"

"Hope it's on offer at Tesco's !"

"Didn't think I'd like it but it's really nice"

"Love this stuff !"

"I've used it before but had started buying cheaper shampoo, might have to switch back"

"No headlice, just lovely soft hair !"

"Good shampoo. I even used it myself !"

"Not at all like the headlice treatments I remember as a kid !"

I can't speak for the ones who didn't give me back any feedback but that looks like a unanimous vote of confidence at the school gates then !

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  1. That's a really nice idea. It's one of those products everyone shy's away from thinking it will never happen to them, but as always prevention is better than the aftermath. x

  2. I've been & bought some of this after there was an outbreak at my son's nursery - so far so good!


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