Friday 25 February 2011

London Fashion Week 2011 – Be model beautiful inside & out

I must admit, I never really think of  the catwalk models taking good care of themselves and having a healthy diet and lifestyle. "Those" Kate Moss photos and Naomi Campbell's anger management issues don't always present the modelling career in a positive light ! But at least some of them are being helped to keep in tiptop form by the nutritionists and health specialists at Nutri Centre - who were kind enough to supply me with a fabulous aphrodisiac massage oil to give away to one of my lucky blogfollowers recently ! (The giveaway has now ended but you can see it here.) Well, we may not all be able to achieve top model good looks, but we can discover which nutritional supplements have been helping them look and feel good during London Fashion Week. Read on to see what Nutri Centre has been giving them :


Nutri Centre - supporters of Erin O’Connor’s Model Sanctuary - give their top picks from LDN Fashion Week

Nutri Centre Head Nutritionist Shona Wilkinson says: "Models may seem like they have a glamorous job, however they get just as stressed and run down as the rest of us. Flying, late nights and long days take their toll even on the beautiful! Tired models were in desperate need of some extra energy, so Nature's Plus Acai bars were the best solution for a quick and energising superfood snack. These were the most popular fatigue-fighter of the day! Hangovers and fashion week go hand-in-hand, so a cleansing morning cuppa of Pukka detox tea helped give the liver support. Three Tulsi tea was also great for soothing pre-show nerves. Good skin and hair is essential for all models, so I advised plenty of fresh fruit & veg, lots of water and cutting back the caffeine. As frequent flying can give your immune system a hit, I advised taking extra vitamin C and ImmiFlex, supplement to help support wellbeing".

Top supermodel picks from the NutriCentre this London Fashion Week:

The perfect wake-up call

Nature’s Plus Potent C contains energising B vitamins to put your brain into gear and super vitamin C, to help you feel sparkly and revitalised. Korean ginseng and bee pollen helps gives you extra nutritional support to help you survive the day. Mix this fruit-flavoured sachet with your bottle of mineral water and sip throughout the day.

Keep energized throughout the day

Supermodel Erin O’Connor is a huge fan of Nature's Plus Acai Energy Bars and they are a must for busy people. These handy on-the-go snack bars are packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, superfoods and Acai berry goodness all wrapped up with delicious dark chocolate. Erin says: " Models love these as they're packed full of antioxidants and nutritious superfoods and are perfect for keeping energy levels up when they're rushing from show to show!"

Stay sneeze free

Jet-setting, late nights and stress can leave us more vulnerable to coughs and colds. Pukka Herbs Elderberry Syrup is an essential natural bodyguard that helps protect you from bugs when you need it most. Whether it’s a sore throat, tickly cough or the sniffles, this syrup is just the tonic you need to get you feeling fashion fabulous again. Frequent flyer? Take ImmiFlex, a new immune-boosting supplement, to help you stay well while you travel.

Avoid catwalk fright

Even Naomi, Claudia and Kate had the occasional bout of “catwalk fright” when the eyes of fashion’s elite are watching you from the sidelines. Keep calm by drinking Pukka Three Tulsi tea. A delicious caffeine-free blend brings together organic green tulsi, purple tulsi and lemon tulsi, this is also known as Holy Basil and is considered to be a sacred plant used to lift the spirits and open the mind, so it’s the perfect herbal tea to drink when you need a little boost and to tackle stress. It has a soothing aromatic taste that helps to relax and warm your whole system. Erin says: "We all love Pukka Teas at the Model Sanctuary - there's a blend for every occasion! The Three Tulsi and Chamomile teas have been especially great for calming pre-show anxieties."

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