Saturday 26 February 2011

The Real Value of Sleep - how much would you pay ?!

I received this interesting press release today from Kalms, which is a family brand of herbal stress and sleep remedies. (They have a range of products to help ease the symptoms of stress and sleeplessness, including Kalms Stress, Kalms Sleep, Kalms Lozenges and new Kalms Night. They're going to send me some Lozenges to try out so keep your eyes open for a review coming soon !)

So the question is - how much would you pay for a good night's sleep ? I actually sleep quite well, bearing in mind we have three kids. They get up a bit earlier than I'd like (about 7am on weekends, but it's our fault for waking them up at 6.30 during the week !) but once they're in bed, they settle down quickly and don't usually wake up until morning. Some nights, I have trouble dropping off though, especially if Mike's snoring or I've got a busy day ahead at work, and I hate that thing you do when you count down how many hours sleep are left until the 6am alarm if you go to sleep right this second (and it's never enough !).

Well, Kalms have done some interesting research to find out how much people would pay to get a good's sleep and you can use their fun interactive map to see how well the people in your neighbourhood are sleeping ! Read on for more info.


The Real Value of Sleep :
Brits kept up by money worries and willing to put hands in pockets for a decent night’s sleep

New research released today has found that Brits value their sleep so much that that 40 per cent of us would pay to get a decent night’s sleep if the alternative was no or very little sleep - that’s almost 20 million adults. One in ten stated that given the alternative, they would happily pay over £50 for a night of uninterrupted sleep, those with three or more children in their household are the most likely to hand over more than £100.

Money worries (25%) and work-related stress (23%) were stated as the main disruptions of sleep, keeping a quarter of us awake. Other culprits were family worries, and partner’s snoring, which also keeps 28 per cent of women awake at night.

The research, carried out by Kalms Sleep - the traditional herbal remedy which helps promote natural refreshing sleep - also discovered that if they were getting no or little sleep, more than a quarter of women (26%) would swap a month’s worth of sex for just one night of decent sleep – twice as many as men. Whilst a quarter of men and over a third (35%) of women would forgo booze for a whole month.

Stephanie Clayson, a spokesperson for Kalms, said: “The irony is that whilst many of us would be willing to spend our hard earned cash on a good night’s sleep – money worries are one of the main culprits. For £100 it would be possible to get a baby sitter in to look after the kids for a night or even go away to a nice hotel for the evening.

“Sleep is something that many of us take for granted, but it is such an important part of our lives that can make the difference to being able to cope with even the simplest of everyday tasks. The well-known saying ‘the best things in life are free’ comes into question when almost half of us are willing to handover our hard-earned cash for something which is a basic need for a healthy mind and body.”

She continues: “The research found that, whilst seven out of ten of us feel we need seven or more hours sleep to fire on full cylinders, only 34 per cent of us are actually getting more than 7 hours.”

To get a closer look at the breakdown of the findings for your region visit and check out our interactive map.

Lack of sleep makes everyday situations feel more stressful, making it even harder to relax and catch up on that sleep. Kalms Sleep and new convenient Kalms Night One-A- Night are traditional herbal remedies that help promote a refreshing natural night’s sleep – without causing drowsiness the next day. Both products contain herbs traditionally used for their sedative action which may be particularly helpful in the case of sleep disorders.

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  1. My mum had a health food shop so I grew up knowing about Kalms and tablets like that. Lots of people have sworn by them for many years x

  2. Sleep? What's that? Ahh...I remember. It's what happens when you don't have children. I do miss it.

  3. i forgot how hard going the sleepless nights were until my baby came along! its all coming back to me now! x

  4. LOL I'm dreaming about the days when the kids will be teenagers refusing to get out of bed until lunchtime ! :)

  5. what is this sleep you are talking about? lol i suvive on about 5 hours a night, sleeeeep :(:(


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