Thursday 3 February 2011

Scholl Crackling Ice Foot Spray

Scholl Crackling Ice Foot Spray promises to cool, refresh and revitalise your feet and it certainly does ! I wasn't really sure what to expect from reading the blurb on the back of the can. It says : " Scholl Crackling Ice Foot Spray is an invigorating foot treat to cool and revitalise hot, tired, aching feet. Its unique formulation turns into a crackling mousse on application - leaving your feet cool, refreshed and beautifully fragranced."

After a busy day rushing around at work, picking up the kids from the childminder's and rushing back home, my feet fely a bit sore and achey so I decided it would be a good time to give it a go. According to the instructions, you can either spray it directly on to your feet or into your hand, then you need to massage it into your skin. The sensation is totally unique ! It starts fizzing and crackling and feels really tickly and invigorating. If you've ever eaten popping candy (or space dust as it was called when I was a kid), it's exactly the same sensation but on your feet !

The girls were amazed to hear it fizzing and popping, and wanted to see why I was going "oooh" and laughing my head off, so they wanted to try it too ! They loved it too and now frequently ask to put some "foot tickle spray" (as it's been dubbed !) on their feet when they've got their pyjamas on !

It's totally refreshing, for your feet but also for your mind because you can't help but grin as it fizzes all over your feet - especially if you get some between your toes ! Another thing I love is that once you've massaged it into your skin, there is absolutely no greasy or sticky residue at all, just a lovely perfume. It passed the test of me being able to write the review straight away without feeling the need to run off and wash my hands.

I absolutely love it and will definitely be stocking up for the summertime. I also wish I'd discovered it when I was pregnant and had achey swollen feet. Guaranteed happy feet !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £5.10 for 150ml

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  1. oooh that sounds really good im gonna keep an eye out for it and get some when i can as my feet get really hot sometimes and this sounds perfect for cooling them down and easing the aches :)

  2. wish there was a product to warm my feet up!

  3. I added this spray to favourites cosmetics

  4. This sounds great - I get really overheated, itchy feet & this would sort them out well!

  5. Let me know how you get on ! It's really lovely for cooling down hot feet - and it makes them smell nice too !

  6. Oh i like foot products, but the problem is I always forget to use them!

  7. The price sounds pretty good and is worth a try! Thanks for the product review :)

  8. Tried this today whilst being pampered after sunday lunch. I loved it and - forget the kids, it turned us all into big kids :)

    Price £1.. POUND SHOP

  9. I need some crackle foot spray, I just love it. So refreshing and have to admit it brings the kid out in me. Been trying to get some for ages. Can anyone tell me where it's all gone?


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