Monday 21 February 2011

Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth

I have to admit, when this arrived, I wasn't overly impressed. It looks just like normal kitchen rolls in the pack so I wasn't convinced that it could be that strong. It actually reminded me of Bounty (now called Plenty) when that first came out and they had big hairy men using it in the adverts to show that it was a beefed-up, extra-strong kitchen paper !

Madhouse Daddy Mike didn't even notice and immediately opened the pack, as well as the "X brand" kitchen roll we usually use, and put them all away in the cupboard under the sink. He didn't tell me so I was none the wiser. It was only when the saucepan that I was cooking spaghetti in boiled over and I grabbed a sheet to mop up the mess that I realised this wasn't our usual brand. It feels different to usual kitchen paper - thicker and rougher - and while it soaks up just as much liquid, it doesn't go all soggy and fall to pieces.

I used it to mop up the water then grabbed another sheet and rubbed on the grease stains and cooked in burnt bits on the hob. They magically disappeared and, despite some pretty intense rubbing, the sheet of Thirst Pockets remained intact. I decided to test this "resistant when wet" aspect to the limit and set off to do a yucky job I hate - pulling all the bits of food and goodness knows what else out of the sink after the washing up. I usually do it directly with my hands because our usual kitchen roll just disintegrates but I consider it one of the more disgusting cleaning jobs, up there with cleaning the toilet, so I was really happy to see that Thirst Pockets takes it in its stride.

Now, if you're not a parent, you might want to skip this paragraph, especially if you've just sat down to breakfast ! Pierre obviously decided to get in on the testing at this point and promptly threw up everywhere. As I had the roll of Thirst Pockets in my hand, I immediately set about cleaning up the mess (before the dog arrived and beat me to it - why do they do that ? It's nasty !!) and, once again, I was amazed - not to mention relieved - that it could clear up a lot of soggy mess and not totally disintegrate in your hand. I'll definitely be keeping a roll in the car for when the kids get travel sick.

As it claims to perform like a cloth, I decided to give it a go cleaning the kitchen table using a cleaning spray to see how it would cope. Again, it did the job perfectly. The packaging says it works well in the kitchen and bathroom, on glass and furniture. I'll be trying it out later on the windows as one of my first half-term jobs is always getting the little handprints and doggy noseprints off the windows. Wish me luck !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.39

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  1. They sound fab! Having 2 children and 2 dogs we go through so many of the thin kitchen rolls so these would be perfect!

    @grannysmither on twitter

  2. sounds good, will need to try this, we go through so much kitchen roll in our house! x

  3. Always see the adverts for these and always very sceptical, but after this review, might well make the plunge and give them ago.


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