Sunday 13 February 2011


I love quirky, original gifts that show that the giver has put some serious thought into what they've bought, rather than just grabbing the first thing they see on the supermarket shelf when doing the weekly shop ! Globees are therefore just the kind of thing I like because they relate to personal memories of the past or possibly dreams for the future.

Globees - which come in three different sizes - are beautifully presented globes that represent an artist's impression of a particular city. Maybe it's a city where you had a romantic getaway, your hometown, the place you met or somewhere you've always dreamed of going. For us, our personal "special place" is New York City, where we went on honeymoon so that was the Globee I picked to review.

The detail is incredible. There are all the places we visited and many others that I never even dreamed existed, so it's brilliant for doing a bit of virtual travelling, especially as each Globee comes with a little booklet packed with interesting information about the different landmarks you can see. They're actually quite educational - 9-year-old Sophie loves scrutinising it too see places she's heard of or recognises !

I'm actually really impressed with the wide range of Globee products available. International cities available include London, Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Venice, Rome, Sydney, Berlin and UK cities such as Edinburgh, Oxford and Cambridge are also available. But they also come as money boxes and, according to the Globee website, forthcoming products include Globee puzzles, umbrellas, Christmas baubles and bears. Oh, and they also mention Talking Globees ! The mind boggles ! Whatever will they dream up next ?!

I can also vouch for the fact that they're solidly built. Our Globee got knocked off the shelf by a rogue balloon at Juliette's birthday party this afternoon and didn't look any the worse for wear, despite bouncing across the floor !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : from £19.95

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  1. An interesting idea - a new way to have some art in your home.

  2. Not a honor customer to do the business with. never response.


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