Wednesday 9 February 2011

Children's book review : Frank & Teddy Make Friends - Louise Yates

I received this lovely hardback children's story book in the post a couple of weeks ago and the girls instantly grabbed it and sat down on the floor, with Sophie reading it to her little sister Juliette. They read it from cover to cover, and I had great fun listening to Juliette asking questions and pointing things out in the pictures.

The book tells the tale of Professor Frank Mouse, a clever but lonely inventor, who decides to create himself a new friend, Teddy. But Dr Frankenstein - oops, I mean Professor Frank Mouse ! - soon learns that friendships have their ups and downs and sometimes take a bit of hard work. Learning the lessons of teamwork and sharing from the insects and creatures in the garden, he soon realises what being friends is really all about.

I love it when story books lead to conversations with the kids about what they get up to at school, and Juliette regaled us with tales of friendships and fallings-out in the playground as we followed the adventures of Frank and Teddy. It was also great to look at the pictures - especially those showing the inventions and the nature in the garden - which are filled with details that lead to numerous questions.

Louise Yates is both the author and illustrator of this charming book. I'll definitely be looking out for her previous work, Dog Loves Books, which won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize in 2010.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £10.99

Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Jonathan Cape (3 Feb 2011)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0224083694
ISBN-13: 978-0224083690
Product Dimensions: 26.8 x 22.4 x 1 cm

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  1. sounds like a really lovely book - I have been meaning to look out for kids books and my little son felix is so into his books right now and loves ones with animals in, I may have to get it. I also like the sound of the other book you mentioned - dog loves books which won the roald dhal funny prize! great review thanks! Natalie holland x


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