Sunday 6 February 2011

Woohoo I've received an Azaria Bloggy Brilliant Award !

As many of you know, we live in Northern France but we are very lucky to have frequent visits from the Madhouse Nanny and Grandad, who are kind enough to bring across all the lovely goodies that we've received to review at their house in England ! Well, they brought over January's delivery today and I was over the moon to discover this in amongst my packages !

If you're wondering what it is, it's a biscuit cleverly iced with a Bloggy Brilliant award from Azaria PR ! A quick bit of research on their blog tells us more about this brilliantly quirky campaign : "The Azaria Bloggy Brilliant Award recognises a blogger that has passion and real commitment to creating a truly original blog. We understand and appreciate that each blogger is unique. We know they work hard and are dedicated to what they do and we are excited to be the one of the first PR agencies in the UK to acknowledge their hard work with our very own award. From mummy blogs to beauty blogs and many others in between, we’ve worked with some amazing bloggers over the last few years and have fostered some great relationships. We also know that the blogger is fast becoming a key influencer in today’s society and that brands the world over are all now looking to engage with them as part of their marketing strategy. Each recipient of our Bloggy Brilliant award will receive a virtual rosette that can be used on their blog, as well as a yummy biscuit for them to enjoy. So look out for the Bloggy Brilliant Award scattered across blogs next year."

Well, I have to say I'm honoured ! Now the question is, will I eat the biscuit or keep it in the tin for a while longer so that it makes me smile every time I see it ?! Either way, a huge thankyou to Azaria and I look forward to some more great campaigns in the coming year !

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