Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Using a paging tag for phone safety and privacy

It still worries me how easily many teens give out their personal phone numbers to online friends without really being 100% sure who they are tallking to. This new service sounds like it could help protect your kids from unwanted phonecalls, bullying or anything dodgy. Read on for more info. :



A British company has developed an innovative new service which prevents people from having to share their personal phone numbers.

Designed to improve privacy and safety across the online world, http://www.paginglist.com/ gives individuals the chance to create a free user name at their site – or “paging tag” – which acts as a mask for their telephone number. It can be used in conjunction with any mobile or landline phone and is proving popular for online chat, dating, Facebook friends (old and new), Twitter, eBay, discussion forums, stopping phone bullies and much more.

In order to communicate, people add a contact’s tag (username) to their contacts’ list (paginglist), only when both contacts have added each other to their own paginglist are they able to call each other. Individuals control who can contact them by deleting any unwanted callers from their paginglist.
Business Manager Chris Smith said: “We came up with the idea for paginglist.com so people can actually talk to their social networks, really take the debate further in chat rooms, stay safe when buying things online and, importantly, really get to know someone properly before meeting them – but at all times allow people to stay in absolute control of who can and cannot call you. This service really does allow you to say bye bye to phone bullies – with the click of a mouse or press of a button, you can make sure an individual never has the ability to contact you again. The whole world can know your paging tag, but only the people you want to hear from can make your phone ring.”

The service is already proving popular among web savvy teens and users across dating sites. It costs nothing to receive a paged call, though you need credit to make calls, which is bought on their website, their rates match or beat most prepay plans without using up any contracted or PAYG minutes.
30 year old Zoe Lloyd said: “I enjoy using a variety of chat forums and often like to develop some friendships offline, via the phone. A friend recommended this service to me and, using paginglist, I now have more confidence about inviting people to give me a call. I love having the instant control over who is able to contact me, without having to go to the extreme lengths of changing my mobile number altogether if I feel the contact is unsuitable.”

Security is a top priority for the new service, which safeguards the telephone numbers using encryption technology employed by the US government and major UK banks.
Chris Smith added: “The overriding feedback we have had thus far is that people are amazed how quickly they are expanding and enriching their networks of friends on and offline when they know they can talk to people, but stay safe in the knowledge that they have privacy and control at all times.”

Other services being launched by paginglist.com include conference calling, group calls and being able to make tags “open” for when people are, for example, advertising a car for sale.

Paginglist.com is presently live in the UK and the USA with the rest of the world being plugged in imminently.

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